Here are the rule modernized using the ancient conventions

  1. Never say the name of the game outloud.
  2. Each player puts out 2 cards each round
    1. Each round lasts 4 TURNS
    2. All cards on the field must be switched out after 4 turns, and cannot be played the next round.
    3. All hit points are erased after they leave the field.
  3. Attack of the card is on the front.
    1.  “+ “indicates a healing ability – health can be given to any player on the field.
  4. Health is on the back of the card.
    1. When a player plays a card, they put the ART AND ATTACK FACE UP!
    2. No player is obliged to show the health of a card to the opposing player
  5. Each Turn each card played can attack once.
  6. If a card’s health is lowered to 0 that card goes to the opponent for the remainder of the game.
  7. Win is only achieved by the opponent having 1 card left.


RULES PART 2: Emotions

  1. This game was invented centuries ago as a way to teach children about how they have been manipulated and how to manipulate others.
  2. Obviously, the main point of the game is to cheat.
    2. The only thing you are obliged to tell the truth about is if you get caught cheating.
  3. More on cheating.
    1. The game does not come with hit point markers. They will be available soon but this is a way to cheat. One has to use their memory to remember hit points. If you have the foresight to bring coins or rip up paper- good on you, it is TOTALLY ALOUD.
    2. This page is the only place the rules appears. Your deck came with no rules pack. This does not limit the players from creating their own game or from you lying to someone about the rules or USING THEM AS FORTUNE CARDS.
    3. Keeping cards: This game is very unpopular. This being said, it is a part of cheating and using memory. When you take someones card when playing with a single deck, for example, your opponent has no ability to check the health on the back of the card.
  4. On the attack and healing types:
    1. In modern terms, this game is an RPG.
    2. In ancient days it was played with no points and a game of convincing someone these archetypes would defeat another
    3. The commentary I have added to modernize the game, lies in hit points and health points.
      1. Take for example WANDERER. It’s attack is Intimidate. A wanderer is depicted as friends to beast and an outlier of society. It intimidates without attacking, people in a group cannot say what the WANDERER’s power is. However it is defeated by the power SURROUNDED. Once incorperated into the world, once outpowered and out numbered, the WANDERER has no strength.
    4. This can be interpreted many way especially when you juxtapose the different players and what the situation is.
  5. Play many ways:
    1. Remember this is a game of people manipulation.
    2. Gaining friends is the ancient rules, however the addition of stats allows players to play new games.
    3. My favorite alternate rules that I made up is “AVOID POISON:”
      1. In the world of benefiting from an alliance involves avoiding people.
      2. Choose a card and lose a point every turn you hold that card.
      3. This means a player will attack their OWN card in order to give it to the other player.
      4. Play for a limited amount of turns.