Obvious to those that have heard of this game know that I have taken it from your secret society. You can complain that I took your ancient secret but unfortunately secret organizations don’t patent secret games 🙂


All the cards are hand stamped based on original designs I created. The images are meant to interpret the character archetypes used in the game. THE FLIRT lies in a bed, this is not meant to imply a promiscuous nature ( though it doesn’t negate that either) but is meant to show the flirt’s true power. THE FLIRT sleeps but somehow affects and attacks you. All the cards have implications like this but it is better to let the gamers interpret the designs. Not only will this allow for more RPG in the game but reveals how your friends and you feel about these archetypes.





The calligraphy is also done by hand. New colors for the inks of the calligraphy and  stamp print will be available soon for a higher cost.

The ancient archetypes of EROSIN can and have been used fro many purposes. Tell fortunes, scam card games, draw straws for a duty, plan out strategy by representing people’s personalities with their proper archetype.






Not only that but you can combine decks. This game can be played with unlimited decks to combine. Additionally we will be providing custom stamps to distinguish your deck or even distinguish how to split up each hand to be dealt out- in the traditionally original CORE PACK you buy there are two of each archetype and each player gets one of each card.





Enjoy the game make up rules, GAME FRIENDS.